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Our Practice​

The optometry practice of Dr. Angela Dussan, O.D. in Long Island City, NY offers diversified eye care services. We provide comprehensive eye exams, refractions, contact lens evaluations for current (or new) wearers. We are able to perform computerized Digital Retinal Photography, Corneal Topography, Visual field exams during your visit. And there is NO waiting for those results!! Dr. Dussan will interpret the pictures and scans and discuss them with you right away.

Our practice is conveniently located in Long Island City NY. We offer state of the art equipment for all tests and exams. Our Optometrist, Dr. Dussan has been trained in Colombia, South America, and Boston in the United States. Our Dr. holds a Doctoral degree in Optometry. She has accumulated years of experience as an Optometrist in both countries.

Our Long Island city practice is open Monday through Sunday. An appointment for an eye exam is available on the website or by calling the office.

We accept most vision plans and are always happy to provide adjustments for free. Our office is pleased to be able to provide the latest in breakthrough materials for contact lenses (like revolutionary bifocal or multi-focal contacts including those for astigmatism) and we offer only the best materials and designs for eyeglasses frames and spectacle lenses. Because we care about the clarity of your vision, we offer only the highest quality of prescription lens materials from Single Vision all the way up to the latest in Progressive lenses by Varilux. Interested in Transitions or Crizal Anti-Reflective Coatings? Just ask…. we’re here for you.

Have other questions? We’ve got the answers. If we discover that we don’t, we will find the answers for you!

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