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Emergency Eyecare

An ocular emergency is an unexpected situation in which your eyes and vision are in danger and require immediate attention.

Close up of one annoyed red blood eye of male affected flu, cold or allergy. Concept of health, disease and treatment.

• Sudden vision loss, or the appearance of cloudy vail in front of the eye, flashes, and floaters.
• Sudden onset of halos around lights. Especially If associated with red painful eye or brow.
• Sudden onset of double vision, not blur.
• Sudden onset of the drooping eyelid.
• Headaches or dizziness.
• Sudden onset of a persistent red eye, with or without pain.

• Blunt injury to the eye or head.
• Allergic reactions.
• Chemical exposure and burns.
• Abrasions, scratches, and punctures.
• Foreign bodies entering the eye.

Our office offers patients access to emergency care and provides a careful examination to determine appropriated treatment. This treatment might include eye drops, small office procedures, and/ or referral to an Ophthalmologist in severe cases or if surgery is needed.

If you are uncertain you are experiencing an eye emergency call us we will help you to find how severe is your situation.

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